Monday, 28 June 2010


E.S and M.G! Best friends, awwwh!

E.S- smokey brown eyes, bronzed face and nude lips

M.G- smokey purple eyes, pink matte cheeks and 'natural' lips (no foundation btw- she didn't plan on having a trial today, so couldn't bring her base)

S.H's end result for her bf's prom, there should be another trial photo with her on Wednesday!

Hey guys! Today's trial went much better and I've returned back to using eye pencils on clients as I seem to have more 'control' then gel at this moment in time.

Anyway E.S went for a 'typical' look A LOT of clients have been asking for. Not that I'm against smokey brown eyes as its generally flattering!

M.G is actually my first ever client using bold coloured eye-shadows which was nice to have a change and play around with other shades in my kit! So if any potential clients reads this smokey eyes doesn't have to just be blacks/browns-colours do work without looking garish!

Also this trial was so much fun and ended up being a good catch-up session as we haven't really had any time to 'chill', with exams going on. E.S and M.G are really good friends of mine and particularly E.S who I've been very good friends for 7 years (yes since year 7)!

Hope you enjoyed the trial photos! E.S has also got me hooked on Spotify- I know I'm late on the bandwagon.

Talk soon x x x

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