Sunday, 27 June 2010


Hey guys just a ramble from me. I just had my trial with R.T and I feel so down. I swear anything that could of gone wrong, went wrong.
I know I am very critical of myself but after the trial I'm left wondering should I even be doing make-up? Never mind people actually paying me!
Things that went wrong were lashes not staying on - again, eye-shadow pigmentation issues - I use these products on myself with no issues but when I start applying them on other people they are a 'biatch' to pack on, blending, eye-liner.... ahh the list go on.
I know I did do two different eye 'looks' but the trial went on for almost 3 hours. CRAZY. I had to leave R.T with one 'finished' ideal eye and one 'botched' eye on the other cause the liner and eye-shadow was a pain to fix (her eyes watered= smudged make-up).
My mum offered her support with "practice makes perfect L.F" which as clich├ęd as it sounds.... is erm... true! And I suppose this was the trial so it was the time to see what worked and what didn't.
Conclusion? STOP whining L.F and keep practising!
Anyway why have I not been doing my promised posts?
  1. I've been babysitting! N.P is so energetic and hands on..... and to think I would just be sitting down supervising lol.
  2. My skin has broken out like CRAZY. I have a massive cyst-thing on my cheek!
  3. I've been 'messing' around with fake tan and I may of gone overboard?
Sorry no trial photos but I was WAY too over time. I have 2 more trials this week and Friday I have 4 full faces and Saturday (P.H.G.S prom) I will obviously be doing my face and 2 full faces and 2 eyes I think.


  1. :) Don' t be silly. We all have bad experiences in doing what we love, but you just got to keep going and make a difference. You're really good, and it makes you happy, nothing should stop you.


  2. Awh thanks for your kind words. You never learn anything if you don't make mistakes so I'm going to keep at it!

    x x x