Monday, 7 June 2010



Quick post because my media revision is going OK. I mean there is only so much you can 'prepare' yourself for an unseen text!

Anyway this post is about the lovely Chloe Sevigny. I'll be frank- I haven't seen as much of her acting work as I should and I remember in some interview she saying she didn't really like people overlooking her acting career with her fashion.

With some 'help' from Wikipedia (come on I'm a 90's kid, how else do you do research?! haha), I'm going to try 'accurately' talk about my fashion idol.

I think anyone who is interested in fashion, would of heard of Miss Sevigny at some point. I think I did during my GCSE's days, where in magazines I'll often see her in the best dressed lists and read about her association of being New York's queen of cool.

The actress/model/ fashion designer has a quirky whimsical approach to fashion. She looks chic and effortless and never ever looks over styled (which I hate). Keep it simple. ALWAYS.

I wont go as far that I try to emulate her. But I do keep a mental style note in my head. I would like to think we have to same approach to fashion.... just my garments are more high-street than Lanvin and Louis Vuitton.

Anyway here is why I admire Chloe-
  1. She never looks over styled. ABSOLUTE FASHION HATE. No headbands and belts and bangles and scarves etc. NO. She keeps it to a minimum. Less is more (unless you want to look 'chavy'/ try hard). Focus on statement pieces and let the garments do the talking.
  2. I like the geek-chic casual style she rocks. Feminine with an edge.
  3. Black is the new black. She knows how to work the fail safe colour. Black always adds a touch a class!
  4. Fun and daring. Be it rocking prints or mixing up accessories. She's willing to take risks.
  5. Chloe has that unconventional beauty going on (amazing body too, from memory I remember her saying her favourite part of her body are her legs) and she sure knows how to rock the red lips.
Anyway I hope you liked my post and feel free to share your style crush! Wait, my psychic abilities can hear whisperings of Mary Kate Olsen, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss :p


  1. I love her too. She is so quirky, and always pulls it off!
    I've seen her in Boys Don't Cry, she plays alongside Hillary Swank (be warned though if you want to watch it, it's VERY sad). And... Kids I think?

  2. I like MK :D Do you think she is "over styled" ?

  3. She's got that kooky disheveled look going on and she pulls it off brilliantly x