Friday, 28 May 2010


Photo stolen from someones Do you like my SUBTLE cropping?! Look, L.F is happy for once (not forced)!!

Think this was around 11:30pm ish? Didn't stay out that long. Sorry no tutorial on this but I had to do my friends make-up so was strapped with time. The makeover went well the only thing I changed was the blusher. I asked if I could 'take' a photo from the prom to put on here so you can guys can see the end result :)

OPI- GIVE ME MOOR! Look at the chips. I painted them yesterday!! Sucks :(

Outfit! I am wearing my H&M top from my photo diary post and Topshop necklace and jeans. Shoes not shown was New Look high heels. I think I look Kurt Cobain-y.

P.H.G.S 03-10

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