Wednesday, 5 May 2010


5/05/10- I was debating whether to upload this or not but this is my typical school/college look! Its from after school so its not 'fresh' and I have my typically moody face on. Its quite a departure from my 'heavy' looks you usually see from me don't you think?

Topshop - £8. I love it and I've been constantly wearing it ever since I bought it. It reminds me of Madonna circa the 80s or Givenchy fall 2007 or 2008? Don't quote me! I'm too lazy to do some research...... well Google.

From Paris. I bought it from some famous cathedral I can't remember. Pretty unique me thinks.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - ASOS. Not sure if they still stock this watch but I picked it out for my 18th. I love black accessories/jewelry and Marc Jacobs. So my ideal watch!

Sleek make-up's tinted lip conditioner in electro peach- £4. Similar or shall I say rip-off of M.A.C's tinted lip conditioners. I love the formula it gives a 'juicy' effect :)

NARS sheer matte/glow - £29. I still love sheer matte but I tried sheer glow recently and "omg" it's so good! I'm no good at reviews but it gives medium coverage and a soft satin glow finish whilst still looking natural of course!

04/05/10 - I will admit I was not a huge 'fan' or anything before. Rather I don't really care much for the music scene any more but I went with my friends and was absolutely amazing! Loved the energy! My first ever gig and swear my entire school went (exaggeration) because every time I turned around I recognised a face! Conclusion? Amazing and was drenched (exaggeration again) of beer at the end of the night.

Hope you liked my photo update. I think you maybe wondering what happened to my hiatus?! Its still on! Art exam next week and it's kicked in I don't have much time before my other exams.... my first 'proper' one is on June the 9th!


  1. The Sleek lip conditioner looks lovely! x

  2. It is! The only thing is I prefer the smell of M.A.C's tinted lip conditioner!

  3. I love every single one of these items