Friday, 30 April 2010


  1. Apart from stealing my mothers darkest lipstick and smearing it all over myself. My first ever 'proper' experience with make-up (14-15?) I can remember is playing with my sister's really cheap (and surprisingly good) smokey eyeshadow kit and I could not understand why I couldn't blend all three colours together without them looking the same! Was using sponge tip applicators may I add....
  2. 3 years ago I was a full-blown make-up addict and I started to buy high-end make-up. My poor bank account.
  3. My first ever M.A.C product was select moisture cover concealer.
  4. I think the first ever YouTube makeup tutorial I ever watched was from Lauren Luke or Leesha (xsparkage).
  5. I can still remember the guilt from the day I bought my M.A.C 187 brush which was then £28. My parents went ape shi.... you can finish the rest.
  6. If you ever get the chance to go to a CCO. Do it. Discounted M.A.C..... I must be dreaming.
  7. Colour phases I particularly got obsessed with were blues, greens, purples, pinks, orange and now currently greys.
  8. My parents never really supported my hobby with makeup even though they got me a huge vanity cupboard-y thing lol. But up till about a year ago my mum decided I could possibly have a future with makeup. My dad still goes with the motto "guys like girls with natural make-up". OK dad. I'm not putting on make-up to impress guys. Really!
  9. What makes my dad even more pro with his motto is me and my sister have totally different makeup styles. Because while I usually like my makeup more 'obvious'. My sister likes the I-spent-an-hour -looking-like-I have-nothing-on look.
  10. I give away almost all the makeup I don't like to my sister.... lucky bugger.
  11. I used to be obsessed with mascaras, then it was eye-shadows, blushers and now it's foundations!
  12. I used to have a STUPID philosophy of having to buy at least something from each new collection from M.A.C as it's 'limited edition'. Not wise..
  13. I did plan on making YouTube videos with Michelle but then the idea went away.... I actually do have all the facilities to do it but I'm rather scared.
  14. I am planning on taking a make-up course next year as I want to fully learn the basics from the pro's. I'm currently looking at AOFM in London but the course is around £1000 :(
  15. I used to keep my interest in makeup a secret. I guess I thought it was superficial and I felt kind of stupid telling people. But I eventually didn't care and just posted my looks on social networking sites for people to see and the response has been positive ever since :)
  16. I hate doing the lips!!! So far it's the hardest technique I've yet to master and false eyelashes took me awhile!
  17. IRL my favourite MUA ever was a women called Aimee who worked at M.A.C Leeds and she looked identical to Dita Von Teese, she no longer works there anymore though but she was so nice to me!
  18. ATM my favourite mua is Pat McGrath. She is so AMAZING. I admire her creativity!
  19. My favourite YouTube guru for makeup tutorials are the pixiwoo sisters as they are so professional and give you an insight into a real life working mua's kit,
  20. I wish I could afford more NARS! I love their products so much but now I have so much mu I can't justify buying eye-shadows from them :(
  21. My second best friend, Elly is the only friend I know who shares my obsession with makeup. Michelle is so sensible, she'll like something but wont buy it (unlike me). And she always tell me off if I want something :p
  22. I used to want to be a fashion designer.... until I watched project runway and I got a real sense of what a designer would have to do. Now I am hoping to become a successful mua or a fashion photographer, film director or work for Marc Jacobs.... see I'm open minded!
  23. I can't even begin to explain this to you but I have a sort of recent obsession with lip products, namely nude-y shades or 'berry' glosses..... but I never wear them out! I don't even understand it myself but I hate putting on lip products (day-time)... so why do I buy them?!
  24. I don't know why but I find putting on make-up therapeutic so I often do this in the middle of the night or shall I say morning (2am) or when I have exams looming.
  25. I find it weird when I find out people who read my blog from my school.... I seriously didn't think anyone would read it!
Hope you enjoyed this post as it's all fun and light hearted and hopefully you've gained some insight about me. Feel free to shares yours!

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