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Hey everyone! So this a post about my first ever proper freelance gig for the lovely R.T for her birthday party on Friday. There should of been a trial but I think by the time things had been sorted, it happened to be 'that' textile week and I was honestly beyond stressed to even want to think about make-up. Instead we went through all the details via facebook message!! lol

R.T basically said she wanted a smokey eye but nothing OTT and after reviewing some images she sent me I recommended a simple block colour blended eye would look nice (am I slightly biased since I do this look on myself all the time? Ha)

Anyway the night before I was still in textiles mode and I just quickly and I mean quickly gathered everything for the gig and even got my sister help me sanitise everything! Since I knew I would get at least get an hour or so to sort things out after school the next day. So what happens? The school bus breaks down 5 mins after setting off. SIGH. So I'm late home and have to crazily sort out my kit (pack brushes, double check key items and put them in right compartments). I set off and I already realise I've forgotten my 'look book' (a book I've made for clients to either pick a look/help visualise the end result), thank-god we had planned or I would been buggered. Forgotten item 2 was tweezers for eyelashes :(

By the time I get to the 'start location' I am 15 mins' before the gig starts and I need to get to hers which from the instructions she gave me would take me 15 mins' to walk to. Bad times. To cut things short I got lost big time, and to make things worse my phone wouldn't allow me to contact her, phone/text (call says couldn't get through and text says error. GREAT.) and I think by that time I was 20 mins' late so I was thinking by the time I get there she would have to leave. Anyway I eventually found her house and I ideally it should of been relaxed and I would set out my kit properly and R.T would of been able to pick and choose through my kit but time wise wasn't exactly great and I am prone to take my time so I had to try speed things up.

R.T couldn't of been a better client and made my job really easy as she naturally gorgeous anyway (look at her cheekbones!!), her skin was near perfect, gave me a lot of freedom and she's the nicest person to get along with ever!

Here are the steps to create R.T's make-up:
  1. Face is already prepped (moisturised etc.), I use eye primers (I used two) all over the lids
  2. Using my fav' highlighting shadow I brush the shadow all over the eyes (I used a matte as opposed to a shimmer)
  3. I then used a cream product (Benefit's cream shadow) to draw out the shape. This also creates a nice base for the brown shadow
  4. We then decide on what browns to use. R.T picked out M.A.C's satin taupe, I pack this all over the lid and blend slightly winged out
  5. I use a gold duo-chrome shadow in the crease to create gradations
  6. I then used a matte dark brown shadow and blend near the lash line to darken up the eyes
  7. On the lower lash line I slightly smudge the cream product used earlier to add subtle colour
  8. Using a cream eye-liner (E.L.F studio cream liner in black) I line her upper lash line and slightly flick at the ends
  9. I then got R.T to curl her lashes and apply a light coat of mascara (she uses Clinique)
  10. I then applied false lashes using duo glue (the lashes she used was the girls aloud nicola lashes which I love too!)
  11. To refresh the face for face make-up I spray M.A.C's Fix + all over
  12. I then start on her face and use Smashbox's photo finish primer all over her face with a M.A.C 187 brush
  13. Using a M.A.C 224 I used M.A.C's select cover up in NC15 all over areas with pigmentation so under the eyes, chin and around the nose
  14. R.T uses mineral foundation and concealer (Lily Lilo) so I let her apply her own foundation/concealer to build up the coverage she prefers
  15. Using the 187 brush I buff the skin and add E.L.F studio complexion perfection powder to prepare the skin for blush etc.
  16. Using E.L.F studio blush and bronzer duo, using the bronzer side I define her cheeks bones
  17. For blush I used Cargo's tonga but later added M.A.C's blush ombre ripe peach to the apples
  18. To highlight I used M.A.C's MSF in soft and gentle on the temples of the cheeks, chin, cupids bow and tip of the nose
  19. I again buffed the face to make sure it looked natural and flawless
  20. Using a clean spooly aka a mascara wand I brush through her eyebrows upwards which lifts the eye and also gets rid of any excess powder etc.
  21. R.T then applied a second layer of mascara to join the false lashes
  22. Lastly R.T just used YSL lip balm on the lips

Overall I think I am pleased as it looks natural and not like she's wearing make-up which I am happy about because my worst nightmare on a client would be she ended up with un-blended harsh blusher or something. I especially like the highlighting as her skin has a nice sheen.

Right onto the critiques.... End of the day the timing chaos was my fault. I was lucky she was forgiving and we had a tad more time then I expected but if a client books me its my job to get there on time, end of. Next would be the lashes, I had a slight problem with the inner lashes not sticking and honestly on one of eyes the lashes are placed slightly higher. Its not proper obvious but close-up you can tell. If I could change anything I would of tight lined the upper lash line so it would make it less obvious too.

I hope you enjoyed my post and I know its slightly long! But I wanted to give you the full details of what happened!

And lastly thank-you R.T!!!!!!!!! you are the best!

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