Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Image for all my rambles?! I can't remember the artist but it was from Nylon magazine.

Short ramble I hope and not sure if these will become regular part of L.F MAKE-UP. But I am feeling the stress of my tec' deadline.... and this has happened for the last 3 years where one whole week I am dedicated to textiles. It is of course my fault I didn't get this all done and you know when it gets to the point you have so much its rather funny.....I have 2 days!!! Enough said.

Another update is I have my first proper gig this Friday where I am doing a friends makeup for her birthday party. I am quite nervous. I always say I'm ready to do freelance but when its crunch time and me being a perfectionist I really CANNOT f' it up!! She wants a smokey look without being too OTT so we discussed just having a block colour and blending it out.. so in my head I'm thinking of the look I did prior to my NARS makeover. I will tell you how it goes and take some photos hopefully... oh and I have 45 min's to do it in... go L.F!!

LASTLY all my haul orders came through this week and its so frustrating not being able to play with it all. I've taken all the photos but its just a matter of uploading which I will do on Sat' morning or after work at night. HOWEVER I was a bit bad today and played around with my new stuff namely M.A.C pigments and some new E.L.F studio brushes which are so good. Really. £3.50. STEAL!!! I love M.A.C pigments I ordered a bunch of samples and so far I have 22 different ones... shame I don't seem to pick them up that often to use but I get distracted with other stuff in my kit I ignore lol.

Right I need to wake up tomorrow for school as I've not been in for a bit and I miss my friends... and ummm I need to print stuff out for textiles haha. Cannot wait till this week to be over! And to see my best friend who I've not seen for about 4 weeks now? When she lives like 15 mins' away... lol doesn't make sense does it?!

See you!! L.F x x x

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  1. Good luck with the MA work! I'm sure it'll turn out beautifully, can't wait to see the pictures! xx