Wednesday, 26 May 2010



Hey guys, quick post! I'm at school but I've finally finished everything for art or at least that's all I'm going to do haha. Will finally post the photos of my final art piece if my card doesn't malfunction tonight (please don't).
Anyway this post is about my favourite all time model- Jessica Stam.
I've always liked fashion advertisements and a slight fascination with the models in them- cause lets face it their perfect in every way. Yes I am a victim to just a pretty face.
I think the first ever model I was obsessed with was ironically everyone's favourite Kate Moss. At first I didn't get the fuss but then we had this geography project in year 9? about focusing on someone/something that has effected the world and I chose Kate. She's so stunning there is just something about her which makes her so effortlessly beautiful be it when she's running from the paparazzi or posing on the beach.
Anyway back to Stam, I can't pin point a specific moment when I started to like her but I'm the sort of person who can get obsessive and loyal with something very quickly ( I know it sounds slightly creepy lol). So now even after 3 years if I see her in a campaign in the street I'm like "STAM!" and I keep every editorial/advertisements I see her in. I think I am fascinated with her because of her doll-like face and her ice blue feline eyes and yeah she's just beautiful!
Another reason I like her even more is Marc Jacobs naming the infamous Stam bag after her.

Enjoy the photos and feel free to share your favourite model :)


  1. Haha i love "'m the sort of person who can get obsessive and loyal with something very quickly " that line so much.

    congratulations on graduating highschool!

  2. lol I know its true though ahaha!

    And thank-you. College next!!