Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Hey everyone, here are the photos from my good friend S.H's prom make-up trial! The trial went really well and I'm glad it was done at my house as S.H could see all the products available and I felt more relaxed in my own environment.
Apparently my room looks like how she thought my room would look like haha! Anyway S.H was again very up for experimentation and was wiling to let me 'do my own thing'. The look reminds me of a bridal look. Its very 'natural' and enhances her GORGEOUS blue eyes. The real day is on Friday and will take take photos etc. We started at around 1:15pm and ended at 3pm, which included consultation and cleansing skin etc.


Shu Uemura foaming cleansing water F2
Biotherm softening lotion alcohol free
Superdrug's vitamin gentle eye cream SPF 15
Her own moisturiser

Urban Decay PP
M.A.C's paint in Bare Canvas
M.A.C pigment in Vanilla
Sleek Storm palette taupe colour
M.A.C eye-shadow in Tempting
M.A.C eye-shadow in Dark Edge?
Stila eye-shadow in Chinois
Stila smudge pot in Brown
H&M eyebrow powder duo
No7 mascara (her own)

Smashbox original photo finish foundation primer
No7 foundation (her own)
M.A.C select cover-up in NW20
E.LF studio complexion perfection powder
M.A.C blush in Springsheen
Prestige mineral bronzing powder in Pure Shimmer

M.A.C lipstick in Shy Girl
M.A.C tendertone lip balm in Sweet Tooth


  1. It looks awesome Laisum :) i dreamed about you last night. THE SECOND TIME i have dreamed about you lol. the first time, you had your legs amputated and were wearing prosthetic limbs and kept telling me and choyi why it was "fashionable". I don't really remember last nights dream.

    BUT, I bought my first MAC products ever! I thought of you :) Man, it's an expensive habit. I bought a lipstick (ravishing) and blush (love joy). they look good on my skin tone. i don't usually wear lipstick, and if i do, its very subtle because i focus more on my eyes, but the ravishing is really good for a different look! yay! If you could recommend a foundation, what would you recommend?

  2. Omg that first dream is quite scary!! And yay it is but a good investment! You should take a photo wearing both, would love to see how the colours look.

    Foundation wise depends what coverage you are wanting. I recommend Nars sheer glow it is so beautiful and natural looking but is quite expensive. M.A.C studio fix fluid is also a good one but it more matte and gives higher coverage. Sorry if these are a bit pricey but I've yet to find a really good drug store one :) also you can just ask for a sample before you buy, so you can try it out to see how it feels etc.

  3. No, no. It's fine. I want to start buying 'nicer' make up anyway. And I've been searching for the perfect foundation for so long. I don't usually like wearing foundation that looks artificial, so I like ones that look very natural, but still evens everything out :) What else is good by Nars?

    And Oh man, you can totally feel the difference with the mac blush compared to a drugstore one. it just goes on perfectly O_O

  4. Yeah the quality is so much better!!

    Ahh in that case Nars sheer glow ftw!! It just makes your skin so radiant and natural looking. Nars do awesome blushes and the eye-shadows are amazing!!!!