Thursday, 27 May 2010


She's my form tutor or was. She also taught me GCSE French! How sweet is that message? I felt quite emotional. Go Ehret!!!! She had to put up with mine and Elly's French lingo queries and my lack of turning up on Tuesdays!!!

All the small things!!!

Bare in mind I've been rocking this for a week now?! Pretty good for me in terms of chips. This is Models Own's- Nude Beige! £5 from Boots and also ASOS :)

Hey guys!! Tomorrow L.F will of sort-of officially left high school! 7 YEARS!!! Crazy right? I say sort-of because our official one is on 2nd of July.
Anyway not sure how I feel or suppose to. I'm generally quite a pessimistic person but I do believe in moving on- with paths and the people you currently surround yourself with. Maybe in a couple of months I'll start to miss things /people but on the whole I don't feel any particular sadness especially towards 'friends'. Sorry I guess my pessimistic side has come out.
Encase your wondering I did enjoy my time even though I don't sound overly enthusiastic. I've made good friends, I studied the subjects I liked and the teachers were great (some). So yes, GO P.H.GS CLASS OF YEAR 10!


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