Saturday, 22 May 2010


22/05/2010- NARS DAY! I'm wearing NARS sheer matte foundation in Fiji, eye-shadow duo's in Misfit and Kilimanjaro and blush in Torrid! I got a few compliments wearing this which is always nice and excuse the just-got-out-of-shower hair! I don't pull of the Ursula Andress look I'm afaird...

I'm starting to get into H&M again. For awhile I just didn't bother going in cause it was rather 'meh'. Some good stuff nowadays though! I also like how H&M always comes out with cool carrier bags. Yes I'm that sad! And how stunning is Lara Stone (the one in yellow)?!

H&M- £7.99, I think I'll be wearing this on Friday where I'm off to an art show and afterwards off to celebrate the end of high school for everrrrrr!!!

I'm a bit of a hoarder and collect useless things! I love Kate though, she's effortlessly beautiful and an absolute chameleon. I picked this up whilst visiting my friend who works at Topshop... Hi E.S!

I finally got round to checking out the new M.A.C collections. There wasn't any stand out products. I haven't bought any M.A.C in aggggggggges. I walked off with this postcard though... Did I ever tell you I collect their postcards?

OPI original nail envy- £18? I used to have quite good nails then they went all flaky and weak :( I'll tell you if this works or not.

Barry M dazzle dust in Bronze- £4.50, pigmented and great for summer.

Today was so hot!! I like summer primarily because I like to wear sun-glasses. These are my favourite pair by Betsey Johnson and is similar to the much copied Ray Ban wayfarers.

Nars sheer glow sample in Ceylon. Fiji is too dark for me :(

Models Own nail polish in Nude Beige- £5. Boots now stock Models Own btw.

Nars eyeshadow duo in Kilimanjaro- £23, I got this from a blog sale for £10.50 including P&P so pretty good bargain! Nars describes this as icy yellow and icy blue and are both iridescent.

Tropicana pure premium- £2.03 from Sainsbury. I've tried Ruby Breakfast too and I like they are NOT from concentrate!

Hope you liked my photo diary. I will be doing another post this week as I'm doing a prom job and also what I'll be wearing to art show/celebrating end of high school. WOO. I'm excited.

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