Monday, 4 April 2011


Look at my lower lashes.. Clinique mascara is the SHIZZLE. 
This is the look that I will update you guys with soon.

 I did this today but I'm not pleased with the photos, my skin is just a flaky mess. I officially can't work with Illamasqua foundation either, it clings onto any dryness so badly (my other foundations never do this), which is a shame because it works brilliantly (full coverage). I know this one isn't a 'wearable' look but a girl at my college rocks this look so well, so this is inspired by her.

Update soon x x x


  1. Would this be the rich foundation? It does the exact same thing to me :( I left my vitalumiere aqua (love!) at home by accident the other day and had to resort back to rich foundation. It sucks! The only way I can get it to work is by mixing with moisturiser, and prepping before that with Caudalie cream mask. So much effort, damn the crappy weather mucking up my skin :(

  2. IT IS! I deliberately put on some extra moisturiser too :((((. I've been meaning to check at Chanel foundations but I'm trying to be good atm (just bought NARS blush shhh).