Wednesday, 22 August 2012


First of all I'm not usually JUST a packaging kind of make-up girl..... but LOOK! It's so pretty and feminine. The compact is a cool mauve pink with micro pink and gold shimmer. LOVE. 
Highlighter and blush in one. 
I thought this might of been a shimmer/frost finish product but it's actually matte with micro glitter. SAY NO TO CHUNKY GLITTER FACE PRODUCTS.

Total impulse purchase. I've always been interested in Paul & Joe but nothing really stood out. I have to say the selling point is the packaging for me but the product isn't bad inside! Would I of just bought it for the product alone? No.... but this kawaii little product stands out in my vast collection. Also it's my first dabble into Asian cosmetics which I've not really tried before (made in Japan).
Lastly sorry for the absence of make-up looks, I'm currently involved in a really cool project where I'm doing 3 looks for a fashion film/commercial. I'm just gathering together photos so it'll be a whammy of make-up for you guys!

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