Sunday, 17 February 2013


 I actually first found out about Jack Teagle through NoBrow. I'm currently a bit obsessed with his work.This comic is my favourite by him, it's great. 
For my current uni' project based on a cat character. Pretty happy to find this in the first charity shop I walked in. I ended up sitting in a coffee shop by the window reading this alone... I must of looked so COOL. 
Me all 60s. It' pretty much the same as the look I did here, just less dramatic. I had fun but everyone had a more twiggy/Biba-esque look? Which was cool but I felt oddly out of place with my mod/N.Y interpretation. Weird looks in public too but that's OK. 
So stunning. The eyeliner with the bare lashes, shimmering skin feature and those crystalised lips. J'adore Dior and Pat McGrath!
Fei Fei Sun rocking Italian Vogue. Yay for being the first ever lone Asian cover star for them too. 
Peter Philips created this dark feathery goodness for Chanel. Romantic and Gothic. Yum.
So A/W is over but I'm still a fan for anything dramatic and it's fascinating to hear about Lloyd Simmonds creative process. 
Red lips and a flick of eyeliner  = CHANEL.
Music. LOVE this song. I've listened to this so much. Check out Phantogram!

Hey guys, 'proper' make-up soon, I promise! I've not done one of these videos from the pros for awhile so enjoy my list of favourites, recommend me some links too! It's nice to see make-up in motion instead of just prints sometimes. And a small mention to my house mate Tom, because I had no idea he read my blog. Hi Tom!

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