Saturday, 5 October 2013


Sorry if you find these a bit grim, but it made my walk to uni more interesting. 
St Sushi is the best Japenese restaurant in Newcastle .
New to my collection. Perfect for speed walking to uni because it takes me at least 35 mins to get into uni by foot. Short legs = not cool.
  1. I still HATE maths. Especially mental maths. I got a 'C' for GCSE but that was a struggle!
  2. I love SUSHI. I can literally eat the stuff everyday - ask my flatmates/friends.
  3. I have a 'slight' fear of dogs without leashes, I usually freeze up till they pass.
  4. Insane tolerance to spicy food from working at a Thai place. 
  5. I'm into horoscopes/zodiac shizzle. I'm a stereotypical Capricorn and proud!
  6. I enjoy reading food blogs reviewing junk food, even though I have no intention on eating them.
  7. Die Antwoord is my favourite band right now. Keeping it ZEF.
  8. Make-up was a happy accident. Self taught and still loving it to do this day.
  9. My actual phobia: anyone self harming (cutting). I really can't watch/hear anything to do with it - fictional or not. It makes me feel kind of faint and sick.
  10. I collect fashion/make-up publications, coffee table books, patterned tins/boxes and anything done by Illustrators I admire.
  11. Totally into high fashion - but I don't really show it with my own personal style. 
  12. I have the most awesome friends ever - so lucky to have such amazing individuals in my life.
  13. My favourite fruit are nectarines.
  14. 'Currently' a pescaterian. I lasted 2 months last year (for fun) and I've decided to start again this year - hopefully I'll last longer or for life maybe? :)
  15. I'm pretty shy and private in 'real life' - which is kind of ironic why I have a blog sharing everything about myself to the world. 
  16. I hide behind my shy-ness and low confidence by hanging around with really loud and outgoing people. FYI friends: I'm not using you - I do like you anyway.
  17. I'm an introvert. SURPRISE. 
  18. I HATE it when people tell me they are "bored". 
  19. Serious workaholic once I get going. I choose work over play A LOT. 
  20. I have 10 piercings :)
  21. I love watching documentaries and really trashy reality TV programmes... I know tell me about contrast and having no taste ;)
  22. Marc Jacobs is my favourite fashion designer, but I also love Riccardo Tisci and Gareth Pugh.
  23. I don't like celebrating my own birthday. It's too ME-CENTRIC and I hate attention.
  24. I can't drink coffee anymore and this saddens me.
  25. I get really spray happy with perfume.

Hey guys, I thought I'd do a fun facts about me this week so you get to know me a bit better - some of these you might know about already (my excessive fan girling of Die Antwoord) and some might be news to you today.

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