Wednesday, 18 December 2013


My current expression for everything right now.

Hey guys, third year has hit me like a brick. I knew it would happen, but actually being smacked in the face with it SUCKS. I am super stressed and I'm currently in the midst of having briefs with short deadlines and amount for a lot of credits. I can't afford to fuck up because I managed to do well last year, so if I am to get a good degree by the end of this, I need to be working hard (no life and miserable for the most part). I've been illustrating/reading/researching like a mofo and I've got my dissertation and another hand in  for early January... so make-up isn't in the forefront of my mind. I'm really sorry but I don't want to be updating with substandard content for the sake of just updating.

Lighter news:
  • I'm really happy working at Boots again.
  • Still a pescatarian! Last year I stopped after 2 months, so my aim is to do at least 6 months before I decide whether to continue or not.
  • Still eating clean. Sushi is still my cheat food though.
  • Still obsessed with shoes. Trainers FTW.
  • Been buying more skincare than make-up lately. I've turned into a skin care junkie. Rosehip oil = you need this in your life!
  • My friend introduced me to a site in which I was briefly hooked onto. Some 'interesting' things came out of it. But it mainly confirmed the fact I'm a independent motherfucker. 
Anyway yes. This is me saying bye for now. I still love make-up, I just don't have the time right now to update my blog to a good enough standard. If I do any cool make-up jobs/looks I'll do a massive post with everything that has gone down.... but for now. Studying. Lot's of studying.
I'll be back next year. Hopefully you'll still be sticking around?

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