Sunday, 21 November 2010

1920S..... ATTEMPT

Me with NA-DA. I also felt the need to hold up some masking tape to emphasise this. 

My brows are horrible!! And I hate how my face is so much darker then my chest area. Boo.

L.F with make-up!! Taken about 2 weeks ago?
Brows (and face) sorted-ish. Phew.
Colours are not very true to life here, especially the lip colour. 
"Heh, you wish!"
"WHAT,I've failed!!!"
Bad acting courtesy of L.F.
M.A.C Bad Fairy, 3 coats.

I don't think I managed to capture the authentic 1920s look here. Especially with the eye area (should droop more).
Always next time! And I will make more effort with the hair and costume.

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