Monday, 8 November 2010


This product ACTUALLY works! Thank-you Cami for the review. I was sceptical at first, since products usually claims x, y and x. But my battle with oily skin is so so so so much better now. I'd say 80% of my usual shine is gone. So check it out if you can.

As well as having oily skin I also have the dreaded winter dry patches :( These "bad boys" (sooooo Gok Wan) gets rid of all those pesky bits. Just be gentle though as they can be rather abrasive!!
Sorry 219. You were favourite.... but then this one- brush-does-it-all came along. BUY IT. NOW!
Want a blush that looks 'natural' and blends on like a dream? I love love love this blush especially buffed on straight after foundation. 
I'm not usually a big jewelry wearer but apart from being inspired by Lollipop26, ASOS had a 20% code floating around. This is a early Christmas present for myself and I've not taken it off since I've bought it.

 p.s I'm not religious 
I used to be a LUSH convert (3 years ago?) but then it slowly died down. BIG shampoo is seriously the best shampoo ever. Makes your hair so shiny (mine is super dull) and light and fluffy. This stuff lasts you a really long time and I use it everyday even though its suppose to be used weekly...ooops.

Angels On Bare Skin, I always go back to this. I think I've repurchased this 4 times now... which in my books means its pretty impressive. Not sure why I ever stopped using this but my skin went through a really bad phase and A.O.B.S calmed my skin down and I love it doesn't have all those harsh chemicals most cleansers have. 

BTW, this cleanser doesn't remove make-up, I use this to cleanse in the morning.
Can't find it online but I'm sure they'll be loads knocking around in-store. £12. What a rip-off for a hat with ears. 
Sorry its side-ways but I can't work out how to rotate it! As you can see from the very dirty nozzle. THIS STUFF ROCKS. HG worthy no-doubt. This stuff not only lasts the entire day (good for college/work etc), controls the 'oilies', good medium coverage and non-cakey. Recommend lots!!!!

Hope you liked my list, I will update with more favourites when I've tested out products thoroughly :)


  1. Love that bear hat! I just bought the 217 and I don't know how I functioned without it. It blends everything so nicely. I just started getting some dry spots on my face so I'll have to check out thatloofah. Great favorites, thanks for sharing!:)

  2. :D me too, don't know how I survived without it, it does so much of the work :p