Monday, 17 January 2011


Start! My skin is acting up again pfft. Cheek spots!! Who gets spots on their cheeks?!
My inspiration photo. Amazing!
 Finito and maybe the yellow across my forehead was a bad idea because I look mega SICK. Note taken *jots down*.
 I did have a video here but the quality is so bad I've taken it down. Basically I remember I have a digital camera that can film videos. DOH. Trouble is finding right place to film atm. Also I forgot to mention why I like Mr Marais's work in the first place. I find his work has that sense of  'freedom' quality almost like painting. His work isn't about meticulous precision and accuracy. He's also very fond of using cremes/gloss textures with the eyes and loves smokey eyes. There's a sense of play/experimentation and I like that.
 MJBMJ bag and watch :D

Hey guys! So huzzah for me getting round to doing a look from the Stephane Marais book. College is currently crazy as I have uni' things to sort out and lovely weekly briefs to 'bosh' out - thank-you tutors!!!
Anyway I'm 19! Ahhh that grand old age. I'm not actually that big on the whole birthday sha-bang. I prefer just to keep it to myself and to see who actually remembers.
 The above photo is actually what I bought for myself. I'm kind of 'picky' with presents because I like to receive and give people useful presents that they'll actually use and like. So I love the above a looooooooot and I seem to have a trend of buying a new MBMJ watch every birthday hmmmmm.... expensive habit. Gah. 

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