Wednesday, 12 January 2011

L.F RAMBLES - LIFE 12/01/11

 Easier to take photos from laptop then camera because.... minimal effort!!! From the Givenchy look and looking incredibly EMO (not intentional).
Taken 10 minutes ago? And as you can see my hair has not improved. 
Anyway I'm just showing you the dreaded accumulation of dirty brushes. I have lots of brushes because I hate cleaning them. But now I've finally run out of clean ones :(

Hey guys, short post on what's going on in L.F land. 
So I'm back at college and that means I'm back slaving away as a G.I.D student. Good news is my UCAS has been done and dusted so now I only have to wait for any offers or rejections. Wah, nervous times.
Also I FINALLY went sale shopping which is bad for me as I impulse buy because I think everything's a 'bargain'. A few beauty related things but no make-up (pats back) and went to M.A.C to check out all the new collections but everything was a bit meh. Nice, but don't need (mega pats back). 
Lastly. I'm off to Berlin for 4 days on the 24th so I'll put extra effort into doing more stuff for you guys!

Take care :)

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