Thursday, 26 January 2012


Versace Couture Spring/Summer 2012

This is the only close-up of the make-up I could find, loosely inspired... when I look at the other girls the eyes look more intense than the above photo so I changed things up :)
  • Eyeliners make really good bases- just make sure to blend to a thin layer or else eye shadow can 'grab' unevenly. ALSO use eyeliners on top of eye-shadows to intensify areas - for example the outer v and inner v area seen above :)
  • My look uses more 'cooler' tones than the Versace girls, if you want to replicate it identically switch to a peach lipstick, copper eyeshadow and peach/pink blush!
Hey guys, another variation of the smokey eye! I guess the 'twist' with the Versace look was the mix up of different metallics together - bronze/copper on the lids and gold in the inner tear duct area.
The Versace look has always been really glamorous - so think really big lashes, nude lips and a lot of smoke! 
Remember to keep to a shape (round or 'cat' style) and building up in layers is the best way to create a 'finished' result. I've added black the the inner v just to intensify the eyes even more but this is optional.

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