Wednesday, 21 November 2012


 My most expensive purchase EVER. But I've always wanted some Dr Martens and you guys know my love for prints. And who better for prints than Liberty London! I'm still breaking them and they are perfect for Newcastle's hormonal weather. ALWAYS carry an umbrella with you. 
My parents actually got me these during my last week at home LOL. They know me so well. I love the illustration and this is with me being picky over styles I like.

Hey guys, this haul is actually from September. Damn for having planned posts and totally forgetting about them. 
Anyway I feel like a ramble so here we go:
  • *Think* I'm officially (self diagnosed) caffeine/coffee intolerant. Which sucks because I occasionally need the 'buzz' and I enjoy drinking the stuff, but my body is like NO!
  • I HATE CHRISTMAS. There I said it. I am the Asian version of The Grinch. I don't get the whole hyped up corporate idea of it all and work playing Christmas songs on repeat drives me insane. HYPOCRITE ALERT: I'm very aware I have my temp' job because of it. So I like you just a tiny bit more. P.S the L.F family is generally very blase about Christmas.... hence it rubbing it off on me. Nice to see family, but everything else I don't care about.
  • I've switched to the image-making stream within graphic design! This was messing with my head for a good while (Allan became my rock - thank-you). I think publishing is fascinating... but I wasn't enjoying it as much I felt I should be? And I didn't want to be one of those people who was just learning something for the sake of it being beneficial in the long run. No guaranteed job either way so I might as well enjoy myself. Image-making is still as challenging so L.F is still stressed, but happy.
  • Something a bit more personal.... but I kind of wish I would like people my own age. I know I don't have to but I feel kind of weird always being attracted to people older than me. Anyone in real life reading this NO I DON'T FANCY ANY OF OUR TUTORS. Certain lecturers maybe... *whistles*.
  • Speaking of attraction, my close family seem to think I'm a closet lesbian. Just because I've never brought anyone home (I don't think I ever would) and I have an ouvert interest in women doesn't make me gay. I can see why you worry mum.... but it's ok. 
  • I'm a convert to soya milk. The unsweetened and organic kind. Yum.
  • I've not had any alcohol in nearly 2 months. It's kind of been a conscience decision but my 'motto' for the bin-juice is : if I'm going to drink, I'm going to get totally wasted. So I like to save it up.... and as a flat (minus one) we are off to a house party this weekend, which is great because you can talk shit with people you won't ever see..... ish. Well they won't remember you. I weirdly seem to remember EVERYTHING when I'm drunk. 
  • And I'm going to end it with something a bit more positive and cliche, but for most things in life: just follow your heart and don't do things for others.... it's your life. 

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