Sunday, 11 November 2012


Yep, another Calourette piece. It's apparently a mouses femur bone. 
Something I should do more often. Oh and it's the perfect 'mug' size.... my Paperchase one's are too small. Damn you cute illustrations that allure me each time. 
 Pretty cool bag. Personally not a fan of the illustration though.
Yes, it's technically for men. It's a dupe for Tom Ford's tabacco vanille, which smells divine and is also really really expensive (yes, I've contemplated buying it before). I'm rubbish at describing scents but if you wear Tom Ford's black orchid it's along the same vein. P.S for a EDT this lasts *really* well, so it's a really good deal for 100ml. I'll be wearing this a lot. So anyone in real life... I'm wearing this. 
Think I'm bi-polar with scents.. this is a complete opposite of the above. Really sweet/girly'feminine and maybe cloying for some but the longevity of this fragrance is awesome. It lasts all day. I wear this when I know it's going to be a long day and when I feel Tom Ford's black orchid is too 'much'. P.S the bottle comes with a ribbon btw, but I accidentally yanked it off.

I was introduced to them back in high school but never got into them. Fast track a couple of years it's what I'm currently listening to. 
I've had this album on repeat far too much to admit. It's a bit 'different' to the usual stuff I listen to but I'm a total convert. ZEF SIDE 4 LYF. 
The lyrics. 

Hey guys, yep it's the usual uni' work and with my new job (bye weekends), I find fitting in time for make-up hard. I'll show my face/make-up soon.
Thanks guys x