Sunday, 28 October 2012


So I finally had time to play with make-up. I started off with thin lines but I got more bolder and more graphic (ba-doosh). Playing with shapes, so ones more angular and ones more rounded.
Gel eyeliner, concealer and a flat shader brush to soften the lines. It's not perfect but fun to play around and experiment with proportions. Do you guys like the left or right eye? 
I got this note with some chocolates on my first day. Yay. Yes I ate the chocolate btw. Naughty food... give me bad stares.

Hey guys, since my last update life has been pretty crazy and uni' work kind of took over. To people who say design subjects is 'easy'. It's not. It's solving problems with no 'real' answer. You can't just find a textbook solution. Unless you go down the whole plagiarism route. Err not cool. Anyway I was going round in circles when stuff finally clicked and I had a week to pretty much do a final version of my publication. Stayed up for stupid hours, plenty of coffee (think I can drink the stuff again) and I decided to sleep in on the day of presentation (I managed to finish all loose ends still *phew*). So this weekend has been bliss for me. No library. I'm homeee. 
And more exciting news is I've scored my first retail job finally. I'm a Christmas temp but I work for Boots! I work in the flagship store (for Newcastle) too so it's huge and busy. I had my first shift yesterday and I love it. I'm part of the Christmas department so lots of restocking and time seems to just fly past.
My manager (who interviewed me) is super awesome and I'm pretty sure I managed to get it because I mentioned about my  freelance make-up side. During the interview I had to 'sell' a lipstick to a customer and I think I impressed her with it. THANK-YOU MY POINTLESS KNOWLEDGE FOR ALL THINGS MAKE-UP.
The next post will probably be Halloween related make-up. Our house is off to a flat party and we have to dress up as Rocky Horror Show characters. Ugh. I don't actually like the film (sorry) and Magenta who has the coolest make-up has been stolen by a flat mate.
Anyway extra positive vibes and smiles.... because I have to for work ;) I think my natural 'thinking' face is moody looking because EVERYONE including strangers always tell me to smile. I'm fine honest. 

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