Tuesday, 21 January 2014


 Our book: Phantasmagoria with limited edition collectible mobile plane :)
Everything was hand drawn in a line style and shaded using dots. Very very time consuming. 
 If you were wondering why I disappeared from blogging it was because of the above. For uni I had to do a collaborative book project with the theme 'vanished'. Our (I worked with Ben) book was inspired by Amelia Earhart and to say it was a bit of a journey is a real understatement. It was a pretty heavy brief creating the story and all the content and binding it etc etc. We faced a lot of problems but it was worthwhile. We got a really really good mark for it and I'm actually really proud of it - which is rare for me. I owe a lot to my partner Ben, he was responsible for the colouring, key parts of the narrative and the 'bones' of the images. My main job was mainly just turning his sketches into the finals (like the images above). So kind of re-drawing his images into my own drawings. He worked really hard and really pushed our book so it became something more - it actually has some depth. So thank-you Ben! Awesome partner and I think after pretty much working together everyday for 3 months we've become really good friends too :)
My weakness: SHOES.
My other weakness: SUSHI. There's actually a Japanese buffet restaurant literally 7 minutes walk away from me. Surprisingly I don't go there that often. Good sushi, I recommend. 
Errrr more sushi! My friend Nathan actually surprised me with this when I got back home after a meal out having Japanese food LOL. It was really sweet of him and beats having birthday cake fo sho!
My mum surprisingly got me make-up for my birthday, which was unexpected, because she usually moans about how much stuff I've got. Anyway, she did a good job on the colour choices - the eye shadows have some nice duo-chromey complex hues to them and you can't beat a berry lip. 
Me having a play with the above. I like, I like!
Me goofing around with my sisters glasses. I've always liked the look of glasses, but my eyesight says no to them for now.
When I'm not buying shoes, sushi, or prints... I buy books. This was a bit of a naughty birthday present for myself.... but when I saw one on Amazon, NEW and not too extortionate I *had* to get it. It feels so great owning this out of print book. Fellow make-up enthusiasts, I'm sure you feel what I feel.
I know I know. I shouldn't like him, but I do. Sorry but not sorry.
Last vain selfie! This is the make-up I wore on NYE. Green smokey winged eye and berry stained lips.

Hey guys, just a small update of new things and images I forgot about on my phone. I went back home last week and had such a good long weekend! It's the first time we've had everyone together for over a year and a half, since my sister has been away teaching. So it was really nice to just spend time with everyone.... and errrm, eating lots of things a poor student can't afford.
Also last week I turned 22! Gah! I spent it with my sister in Newcastle and we had a really good trip at the BALTIC - got a really good show on atm.
I started uni again today, new brief and no doubt new stresses ahoy! BUT good and exciting news is: I'M OFF TO AMSTERDAM NEXT WEEK! I'm going on a short break with my best friend.
Going to be good, I hope! 

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