Saturday, 15 February 2014


Last day in Amsterdam and Marcel Wanders' exhibition just opened to the public... lucky me! Very creative - love his ideas. Wish I could deck out my house with his designs - form with function.
Amazing to see work you've studied years ago in real life. Totally different experience. 
Weirdly had a thing for furniture design. I'm not usually a fan.
Spot my input :)
Posters! Graphics! Design!
Contemporary art and design museum... HEAVEN. So much to see and curated really well... I spent a good few hours here. 
Had to take a photo. Just because. 
I think I stumbled across a pop up shop whilst we were waiting for the ferry ride. I picked up this hand illustrated pot from STUDIO ELKE. SO CUTE. 
Me being weird, but I really like the sign designs over there. Something quite playful and child-like.
Impulse purchase just because I was at a MAC pro store... I think this must be the first time I've bought something from MAC in like 2 years maybe? Anyway the formula is matte and leaves a stained effect.
I wanted to pick up more drugstore things just because I'm a bit of a make-up magpie especially with new brands. Only this stood out to me. Duo-chromes gets me every time. Dammit. 

Hey guys, so after dissertation I went to Amsterdam with my best friend. I had a really good time although it was super super cold over there. I should probably mention I got 67 for my dissertation - which I'm pleasantly surprised with... I was expecting to be in the 50 range. At the moment I'm literally at the cusp of potentially getting a first for my degree. I'm feeling the pressure so much, just because I will really be kicking myself if I just miss out. I'm currently at the end of another competition brief before I spend around 3 months doing my FMP which amounts for 40 credits = can't fuck up.
I'll show my face soon! Well in a make-up post style. 

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