Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This is my mum (and willing volunteer), not the bride!
The left eye has nothing and the right has the re-worked wedding make-up on I'm doing on E.H minus the lashes and mascara... and I know the brow tail is a bit dodgy- I'm onto it!

Hey guys, I know it's kind of awkward me explaining something that you guys can't see, but I want you guys to see the final result rather then have spoiler snippets.
 E.H (the bride) has large mono lids but with a really high deep brow bone socket if that make sense. She never wears much make-up so she was really persistent that it looked natural. 
When I left the trial I was really happy but then when I looked at the photos at home I could pick out too many things out that I wasn't pleased with. For example:
  • Her eyes needed much more definition round the lash line- the eyes I did on her did make them look larger and wider but lacked definition so it looked a bit 'spacey'.
  •  I need to brush up on my brows skills! I seem to struggle with patchy areas of the brows and filling in a nice shape for people with 'bushy' brows. 
  • ALSO I need to practice applying individual lashes. When I did them on E.H they looked too patchy so it was a good job we decided to go with a full strip as it took half the time and looked way better then the eye I tried individual lashes. 
E.H is actually having two wedding ceremonies so I'll be doing her make-up twice (3rd and 6th of September). I know I have confidence issues anyway but I'm glad I've got time to just nail certain areas I don't feel as comfortable in. 
Anyway thought I'd post this just to say you never stop learning and always practice!

 x x x

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