Thursday, 18 August 2011


I have been ADDICTED to The Kills ever since I saw them play. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but when I saw them I only knew a couple of songs. Now they are all I listen to now (sorry family).
I went shopping with my friend E.S today which I really enjoyed as always. I used to see her 5 days a week, now it's almost once everyone month :( Anyway I think I O.D on the bronzer and peach blush today......opps.
This was meant to be today's weekly make-up look from me! I'M REALLY SORRY. If I feel really 'blah' about the outcome I rather not post anything up (DSLR photos= you see every single pore). I was playing around with coloured brows (teal), winged eyeliner and a orange-y lips with clumpy lashes. I WILL REDO THIS NEXT WEEK.
 I got these Mavala duo nail polishes from Boots for about £5.00 (on sale). I have these kind of shades already  but I want to see if I get on with their formulas. Aquamarine has these really cool shots of green-blue shimmers running through and Marron Glace the same but with a lilac-silver :)
I will keep collecting issues of LOVE as long as they have awesome editorials and f' loads of advertisements-  I love collecting fashion campaigns because once they are gone, they're gone!
Illamasqua nail varnish- Bacterium
When I was at the flagship store this colour on the nail colour wheel caught my eye immediately. It's so COOL. This taupe-brown with crazy blue shimmers shot through. I think Illamasqua nail polishes have a good reputation for being long lasting, so fingers crossed! I got this from ASOS which is currently reduced to around £7.00

Other news:
  • I've bought tickets to see Blink-182 next year! Even though I don't like them the same way like I used to, I still want to see the band I was SO mega obsessed about 6 years ago. I still know all the words to pretty much all of their songs *cringe*
  • I might be doing someones wedding make-up. I am so nervous, I've never done wedding make-up before. I'm trying to view it as just another job, but I can feel the pressure of not f'in up already. The trial is next Tuesday- which I will take photos of, if things all go well.
  • I *want* Plumful lipstick by M.A.C, but I can't justify buying it.......unheard of in L.F world.

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