Thursday, 10 May 2012


I LOVE this summer make-up campaign - very daring and opulent compared to the normal bronzed cheeks etc looks *yawn*. I'm getting 70s or 80s vibes? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Tutorial from pro Dick Page! I always love the pairing of golds and purples.
SEX KITTEN. That is all. 
Modern real life Barbie's - 60s on pink acid. 
You can always rely on Kabuki to create beautiful fantastical make-up. I've wanted to share this with you guys for ages. 

Hey guys, another round up of make-up videos I've found whilst browsing YouTube. 
The videos cover from everyday to more editorial work and 4 of these videos are tutorials by accomplished make-up artists which I think is pretty cool to see how they piece a look together. 
If you have any recommendations, share on the comments section :)

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