Friday, 4 May 2012


Nothing serious. And the joys of having sparse brows... good for make-up 'blog' purposes but bad for everyday 'real' life.
 Spock/extreme face lift brows!
Random alert, but this bowl is so CUTE -  I got this from Paperchase. And I'm on a health kick (again). It was a downward spiral being back home over Easter. So it's mission goodbye moon face atm. 

Hey guys, I've been quiet on on the blog front because work load is back in full swing so I'm pretty sleep deprived and my skin has gone to shitz this week! I think the skin gods are taking revenge for me saying how chuffed I was with it last week. 
Also I mentioned some uni dates awhile ago but I officially break up for uni (FIRST YEAR OVER WTF) June 1st but my accommodation contract ends mid July, so I'm unsure what to do. Go home and waste my rent or stay and still pay for living costs. Not sure.
Whilst I'm in a ramble mood, my sister is off to teach in Korea for a year in 2 weeks time! Which is amazing and sad at the same time. We literally found out she got the job a month ago so a bit out of the blue. So it's going to be weird going back home and being one sister down.
Happy note is she said she'll send me over some Korean makeup/skin care stuff... FYI total convert to their face sheet masks. I'm weirdly not too excited about Korean make-up brands (considering I'm a make-up hoe) - I think it's the packaging that makes me less excited about the product. RAMBLE OVER. 
Anyway back to this weeks look. I had reference on hand but I drifted off and I'm not sure what to call it now. Not overly happy with it so hence only the eyes with the DSLR. 
I'll make it up to you guys next week :)

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