Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Hey guys, I somehow forgot about this but it made my week (jeez nearly a month ago), I was literally grinning like a cat for ages! Really sad, but it means a lot to me (yes it's just a tweet).
 I basically tweeted her about my make-up look inspired by her and she replied. Val Garland (pro/icon/make-up god) has seen my work! And what a lovely reply back.
AND I 'officially' finished today! I have one tutorial next week but HELLZ YEAH! It has gone way too fast but I am now stress free for awhile and I'm thinking of doing a general 'fresher' uni experience blog post at some point. Though this is coming from an introvert... be warned.
Freedom = more blog time! Though I will be looking for work once I'm back down home.
x x x

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