Friday, 17 September 2010


Hope you like it! I had a bad camera day so I really couldn't be bothered to keep trying, so these almost identical shots will have to do. I used M.A.C's face and body foundation and I don't love it photography wise on myself, but to be fair my skin is quite neglected atm... stress= breakouts :(

While I've still got the book I might do a couple more Alex Box inspired make-up..unless you guys are wanting some more tame things from me!
Apparently I've been at college for almost 6 weeks now? Which is crazy.... seems like I've just started! The work load is CRAZY!!! BIG-BIG-BIG jump from A-level. We've almost completed an additional drawing qualification (too lazy to go find out the actual name.. so lets just call it drawing qualification!). Which included 2 weeks of INTENSE drawing sessions which while I 'hated' (cause I'm rubbish) I did learn a heck of a lot. I really recommend anyone interested in art to do a foundation course before a degree. A-level art is nothing ( you don't get taught any skills)!!
Anyway speaking of college I really cannot decide on what to specialise in (I have 3 weeks? to decide). I am so torn on textiles ('art' by manipulating fabrics)/fashion (design of garments etc) vs graphics/illustration!!!!
I know in the past I've sworn to 'end' the fashion L.F within me but after the presentation talks (each leader talked about their specialist area) I couldn't help but mourn for textiles/fashion. I am not 'hardcore-fashion-know-it-all' but it is my passion- I always seek out/drawn to fashion designers. And I can spit out more designers then artists in other fields. BUT my mum really doesn't want me to do it. And has alliterated this since I finished a-levels with "anything but textiles". I am just infatuated with the designs, the whole 'vibe' and the fashion world... its just the making that kills it.



  1. great makeup LF! and this may sound mean but parents arent always right, you decide what you choose to specialise in and it will work out for you in the end. just choose which one YOUR most comfortable doing and he happy!
    Hope you decide :)I start my art foundation on the 11th october cant wait! x
    Sophie-lou x

  2. Thanks Sophie! And I know, just really really undecided as I don't want to end up wishing I took the other. And ohhh good stuff.. starts quite late on yours? you will love it.. so glad I'm doing it :D

  3. thats ok :) x yeah my course starts late due to the Rider Cup Golf is taking place in wales this year and its massive! and the golf course that its happening at is just up the road from my uni so they have decided to shut schools over that week and not to start uni/colages around the area due to bad traffic and manic golfers taking over wales lol madness!
    glad your enjoying your course, ill let you know how i find mine when ive started :) x
    Sophie-lou x