Tuesday, 21 September 2010


After college! Bare in mind I've had this make-up on for 9* hours or so!!!
Still love Stam, but she is such a 'classic' beauty.
Very insightful interview (3 part) into Box's creative mind.
I am guilty of 'skim-watching' videos (which I did to this awhile ago). Anyway during our specialist talks for the fashion segment they showed this collection in all its glory (we were in a cinema). And I pretty much blame this video for making my desire to do fashion come alive again. AMAZING. Loved the concept (poor model though!!!), garments, music and of course VIKTOR & ROLF!!!!!
From the Viktor & Rolf show (above), I've been listening to this song on repeat since Friday!!! I think this is the original not the remixed version though.
Love this song!
Me plugging Inception? AGAIN?! I think I have annoyed pretty much everyone around me with my love for the film. Anyway this song is my favourite from the film. So moving.

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