Thursday, 30 September 2010


L.F's most latest work (these are just experiments)!

Hey guys just at college right now. I was going to upload a photo update for you guys but I have no patience to wait for blogger (too slow). I am thinking of uploading art college photos on this blog and my art blog but they will feature different work, so keep an eye out if you are interested. Anyway from one of my previous posts I told you I would be specialising soon.. it's in two weeks!! Still in two minds. So going to have to do some further research.. gah.
ALSO I have reached 16 followers (one is private)! Thank-you so much! I really value all of you and I'd like to think the followers I do have are following me for the right reasons ( you enjoy my work!!!). 4 more followers and my small giveaway will start.
Lastly, my friend A.J (fellow F.A.D student) has started a blog that's "about his time at art college as it goes on, the work produced, people who make it, strange anecdotes all written with poor grammar but funny none the less."  
A.J wrote as that as you can probably tell. But seriously he is really witty and way more funnier then I could ever be so IF you want, check out his self titled blog, Blog.
P.S I will most likely return to doing make-up looks in 2 weeks time, as I have 'a reading week' AKA half-term and hopefully my horrible cold sore will go (so rank).

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