Friday, 31 December 2010


I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog before, but Stephane Marais Beauty Flash finally arrived at my college. So naturally I went crazy with scanning all of my favourite looks. I will get round to recreating some of them soon.


Perfect. I *really* can't fault this foundation.

I own 6 of these eye shadows (white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple- lazy with names sorry!!) and they are so good. CRAZY pigmentation, blend well, good amount (4.g) and MATTE!!! The only one I have a hard time with is Poison Plum (purple) but I'm working on it.

Best £2.99 you will ever spend. Drugstore can be good. 

I know I know. How hard can it be to find a good face powder? Well for me....hard! This is the only powder I will use on any clients/shoot. Period. Not chalky, finely milled and sets make-up beautifully. NOTE this doesn't add any coverage so be aware of this. For me I just want a powder to set the face without any more coverage.

I have 4 of these now, which in L.F world means I really like it!! Small and tapered it does everything with its super soft bristles.

I've used this before and fast track 2 years and an Elle magazine promotion. I'm hook, line, and sinker for this as lip-balm-does-jack-all-for-my-chapped-lips-but-this-really-really-does-work-and-makes-them-baby-soft-no-joking. Now breath.

I bought 6 of the large universal palette and they've saved up so much space in my cluttered vanity space-ma bob. A bit of an investment but very travel friendly (especially for make-up gigs!!!).

This actually works. No gimmicks. The real deal.

I love Ardell lashes but these are made by the same people, exactly the same styles and half, HALF the price.

Loose shadows/glitters NEED this. In fact anything but matte shadows. HG worthy. Staple product for kit!

Hey guys, so there's my definitive list of my favourite products of 2010. If its up there, it means I really do love and use these products. I know not all the products I've featured on my blog a whole lot but trust me I've tested them all out thoroughly and I approve. Lots. 

2010 has been amazing for L.F MAKE-UP so thank-you thank-you for supporting me. I will try to make this year even better and continue with things I've started off (eras series).
 x x x

P.S I am not sponsored by love-makeup, I just buy a lot from them as they have everything! Never had any problems personally so safe hands.

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