Friday, 10 December 2010


 I let A.J paint around the lower eyelash area as his eyes were twitching like crazy!
I was a Christmas pudding, will show you the costume at some point
 Me in the 'reindeer' costume. 
Its actually an official Charmin bear costume without the 'fat' suit. My mum D.I.Y'd off the logo with the print patch.
The make-up was inspired by my 2009 version of a reindeer and I prefer this version so much more. With A.J's I focused more on blurring out the edges and lots of blending to keep everything looking more realistic (2009 one was just way too harsh).
The black nose tip isn't perfect but overall I'm quite happy with my attempt. 

P.S we were off to our colleges Christmas party. It didn't go quite according to plan as I OD on the alcohol BIG TIME and I had the worst night of my life (pretty much passed out in the toilets/couldn't walk/puking non stop/manager at the club thought I'd been spiked).
So just a reminder to you all to drink responsibly (sure you all do anyway) and I'm currently put off for life now (I really mean it).

Thank-you A.J for looking after me!!!