Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Oil paper holder - £0.25p and shimmer cubes palette 18- £5.00 (originally £15)
L-R: green shimmer, precious pink, silver sparkle, pearly white
I love iridescent shades, these colours will look great layered over with E.L.F's eye transformer.
I like how the cubes are in little pots so are handy to take out. Also the formulas are really interesting. It's creamy yet has a powder texture so it gives the texture of a cream product without the sliding around business. I hope anyway. I wouldn't buy them full price personally just because I find them too expensive for what they are!
£50.50 FOR THE LOT!!!
M.A.C 165 tapered cheek/highlight brush- £18.75
I had a feeling this was limited edition. Perfect for contouring. Pretty sure Pixiwoo used this. Always an incentive.
L-R- M.A.C reflects blue glitter (£9.25), pan eye-shadows in brun and kid (£6.65) and pan blush in style (£9.00).
Swatches, in same order as above and the glitter isn't showing up :(

Hey guys. So the main reason I went to Y.D.O was for the C.C.O (Estee Lauder Companies) which is basically a shop full of Estee Lauder owned brands at discounted prices, so you'll find Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and M.A.C! I think you can guess my main interest was M.A.C, but I did look at the other stuff but it was rather want than need (Estee Lauder had LOADS of stock). 
I've been to Y.D.O before and I can say last time M.A.C was WAY better with the stock (loads more products available). So yeah that's all I got. Well, I did pick up other stuff too... But I don't really fancy showing you guys my bras lol.

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