Wednesday, 2 March 2011


My college were selling all the back issues of the The Face so after some digging around I picked these. Can you guess why?!
 Belated present (thank-you E.S)! I already own M.A.C VIVA GLAM Cyndi, so yay to another backup and I think its officially gone now... on the website anyway.
Apparently a dupe for M.A.C's club eye-shadow. My photos don't justify the awesome blue-green duo chrome effect. 
 Ruth pipped me to the post. Basically I was with a friend in Harvey Nichols and a Aveda S.A was going round giving away these vouchers (consultation to their 3 step and you get to trial it). Very generous promotion, and the SA took her time to 'analyse me'. The counter where I went to had a stack of the vouchers at the till area, so maybe worth having a look  at your nearest Aveda counter. PLUS they give you a £10 off voucher is you buy the system.
HG cleanser and I'm pleasantly surprised with the Grease Lightning sample they gave me, it feels nice on the skin and I *think* it's helping my skin to be spot free.

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