Sunday, 11 September 2011


Chanel Illusion d'Ombre- Illusoire
My first ever Chanel purchase.... I feel so grown up haha. Anyway I HAD to get one of these babies after stalking Temptalia's review/swatches of these. I've heard a lot of people describe them as gels but the box says cream-powder... a firm cream texture? I was undecided between Illusoire and Eptant but I'm such a fan of grunge-y colours I went with Illusoire. These retail at £22.50 but I think they are really worth it as the quality is amazing and they are FOOLPROOF! Glide on and blend easily.... EASY. I actually got mine for £15.50 as Debenhams was having a 10% offer and my beauty club card had £5.00 on....SCORE.

Anyway after my little make-up rave, I thought I'd do a little ramble since I've always documented any important changes in my life.
As you probably know I'm off to university very soon (16th)! I don't think it's quite dawned on me that I'm moving away yet as I've still got loads of packing to do!
I'm kind of excited but also quite chilled about it....since either way I'm stuck with my flat mates for a year and course-wise 3 years! 
I also don't think I share the same freshers mentality as most people as I'm not a massive-all-week-party-goer kind of girl. Yes. I said it. STUDENT SHAME! I don't know if any of you guys also feel the same but I feel spending  A LOT of money on alcohol is such a waste! 
Course wise which is obviously the main reason I'm moving up North *coff* I'm really excited about because I think I'll get one step closer to realising my dreams of getting a 'proper' job in a field I love. I hope I don't fall out of love with my subject area (I hear most people do) but we'll have to see! 
Make-up wise.... L.F MAKE-UP will still be going on. I obviously can't bring everything I have to my new home and I'll have to see how my living arrangements are regarding lighting etc.
I'm hoping to make better contacts during my time at uni' and hopefully collaborate and participate in more projects- I need some models to play with!
 As always my 'real life' world takes more of a priority over my 'side hobby' so I'm going to *try* and maintain a new post every week but I don't know what my timetable will be like.
Also depending on how my studies goes I *might* actually try and go for a make-up counter job but again I'll have to see if I think I can balance the two.
Anyway I'm going to wrap this ramble up! My friend S.K (and a really lovely supporter of the work I do) is coming this Wednesday as model, so you will get to see her transformation this week :) 

 x x x

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