Sunday, 18 September 2011



Hey guys, my friend S.K just wanted a makeover and I decided to do something quite intense and different to what she'd usually wear- the before photo is a 'everyday' kind of look.
Lots of love for Chanel Illusion d'Ombre- Illusoire paired with an Illamasqua grey eye-shadow (name has rubbed off) on the outer corners.
Also anyone got some tips on doing a clients upper lash line when their eyes keeps twitching? The gaps on the lash line is bugging me!


  1. wow came out great, what a change! I'm not sure about the upper lash line thing I usually just pull the lid up a bit and paint it in but I have the same problem there's always gaps. The cream shadow is such a beautiful shade, I recently purchased it too after eying it for a while and then seeing your post, I think it suits a lot of people!

  2. Yeah I guess it can never be perfect! Just wondered if there were any tips out there when dealing with clients with twitchy eyes. Me too, very good investment. The colour shade is pretty 'unique' and great for day and night :D