Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I think this was my second day at my new 'home' and the funny arm position is to show my freshers pass which I'm still struggling to gain back my £55 worth of fun - everyone just eff's of to town anyway!
 I HAD TO GET IT. It's around £17* but it's like a beetle on acid
 More postcards to my collection because I'm sad....
I swear Newcastle WHSmith's is well better than the Leeds one. I've never seen them stock different Vogue's.. I think anyway. I'm kind of 'into' collecting just September Vogue's just because they have the most advertisements - which most people hate but I love. Not only does the Italian one have 3 magazines inside it was somehow £4 cheaper when I got to the till..... Obviously I didn't say anything haha
I forgot to bring my pillow, trainers and towels with me :(((( I bought these Vans Chukka boots to fill that comfy feet void

Hey guys, so I've officially moved to Newcastle! It's only been 5 days but It's almost like I've been here forever. Settled in and started my course on Monday. Already piled up with work to do but hopefully in the weekend I'll do more exploring besides stalking the city centre with my student discount card.
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