Sunday, 22 July 2012


Liner galore! I reference to this a lot, so many possibilities with eyeliner.
More eyeliner looks - eyes are my favourite feature to play around with still.
Bat your lashes!
Glitter <3
Oh I fell in love with this campaign when it first came out. Johansson has a romantic Elizabethan vibe going on <3
Tom Ford. Lara Stone. Stunning campaign. Purple hues and glossy textures.
Androgynous vibe with the thin brows, kohl lined eyes and muted lips. And it's Chanel and Kate Moss, perfect combo'.
This is probably my FAVOURITE campaign ever. The make-up is FLAWLESS. Perfected skin, brushed brows, defined lower lashes and velvet matte lips. AMAZING. And I love the fact the photo doesn't appear to be retouched... you can see pores people!

Hey guys, I thought I'd scan in some of my favourite tear sheets that are make-up related or most inspiring to me. The quality is pretty good so save them to your pictures folder (if you want to)... does anyone still do that?


  1. I most definitely still do that.

  2. Same! I have so many images, don't know what to do with them all though.