Thursday, 6 September 2012


This is my friend Fiona who was one of the bridesmaids. Fiona was actually my former gym buddy and seriously one of sweetest and sincere girl I've ever met - she'll get along with anyone and she's always really bubbly. I've done her make-up before but it was a really rushed job and I didn't feel happy to upload it. With Fiona my main focus was actually her skin as she had dry red patches on parts of her face and I had to cover them without looking mask-like or too cakey.
The eye make-up is a bit more 'done' then a typical wedding theme, but I think it sits on the 'glam line' without looking inappropriate. I don't have before photos but I'm really happy with her outcome as I feel like it was a 'transformation' whilst still looking like herself.
This was a really impromptu job but the brief was very natural and minimalistic. The eye makeup is literally eyeliner set with eyeshadow and inner shimmer in the tear duct area. The skin I used a light veil of foundation, highlighted the skin, soft blusher and filled in the brows. For both of the girls I used a tinted balm which adds colour and moisture.

Hey guys, so no major jobs for 2 months and now they all come at once. Typical, but not complaining! I'm more confident with doing bridal related make-up now as I used to feel 1000x more pressure just because the client will be photographed and judged all day and if I did something 'off'' it'll be my fault.... but I'm fine now. Keep to classic styles, softer tones, defined features, thin layers and you should have beautiful clients who still look like themselves.

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