Friday, 14 September 2012


The film in all its glory! I'm even in the credits section at the end. I did all the make-up apart from opening 'tear' scene. 
The 'day' looks I had to do for the characters Lucy, Daisy and Ruby. I was given quite open briefs for each character but even though this was a fashion film Jenny still wanted the characters to look 'real' - so I had to create looks that were wearable (wouldn't look out of place in the streets) but still with an edge.
I've included this photo as a before and after with how I adapted the brows after reviewing the photos from the first day. The brows were over plucked but I didn't 'deal' with them effectively so..... 
This is the second day and hopefully you can see the brows look more fuller and overall more flattering to the face. With the Daisy character she had to have an 'edgy' look. I decided she could have a 60s mod vibe to her with the statement eyes and nude lips.
Ruby was the rock chick out of the gang. I played around with black eyeliner and cream textures to create a greasy creased look. She has a more 'distressed' vibe going on and I played around with creating the outer wings of the eyes by dabbing brush marks using the cream to create a feathered effect. For the lips I went for a stained red, focusing the colour on the inner parts of the lips and faded the edges using a cotton bud tip.
Ruby's look had to look 'well put together' so this make-up was more muted and I did a classic smokey brown eye with gold cream dabbed onto the inner corners just to liven things up.
Onto the experimental looks for the characters! This was probably my favourite look from the whole project. Ruby is still rocking the rock chick vibe but it's much cleaner as I decided to go with precise winged eyeliner, painted lower lashes, pink neon lips and holographic stars and glitter to the face. It's quite simple but it has such a statement factor. She was also a dream to work with because her skin and facial features were a make-up artists DREAM.
Daisy's gone to the dark side. I had Brody Dalle vibes going through my head whilst doing her make-up. Playing around with navy tones and a winged shape. For the lips I decided to go all out on the stained inner lip effect. P.S Ruby's look was just an amped up version of her existing day make-up with added glitter!

Hey guys so I'm finally sharing with you the super cool project I was involved with! Jenny (founder of Hello Margaret!) basically asked me if I wanted to do the make-up for a commercial for her fashion company. And of course I said yes!
It was a 4 day shoot with a really tight deadline because it had to be done in time for the  launch of her website, but the video is brilliant (not biased at all). I'm really proud to be part of it and I got to work with such a fantastic group of creatives. 
Hope you guys like the video and here's a link to the backstage photos so you can see more of the makeup.

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