Monday, 24 September 2012


The song that got me into them. Oh and Tom Delonge was the first of many realistic fan girl crushes ;)

Yes, I kept the confetti from the show.

Short story: I went to see* Blink-182. The band that epitomised my early teens *fan girl moment*.
Even though Blink 182 was my favourite band at the time, I eventually branched out and I didn't really listen to much of their music for at least a good 4 years. I didn't even check out their latest album until a couple of weeks before the gig. So when I was there kind of surprised myself that I still knew all the lyrics to their songs. 
I managed to somehow get to the front-ish (about 3/4 rows behind the barrier). And it was a really good time jumping about like a loon. Oh The All American Rejects also supported. NOSTALGIA - geez 10 fricken years has passed. Damn. 
Anyway they were really good and the atmosphere of it all was ace. CRAZY hot (Mark said it was the hottest gig they've had so far) and with the bonus of being pressed against really sweaty men. MY FAV'.

So a bit like after The Kills gig, I'm listening to a lot of Blink now and getting into them again. Memories!
While in rant mode:
  • Gigs should be in height order - I know you can't control your height but us 5 footers can't see jack. I was tip toeing!
*I was meant to post this AGES ago. I saw them in June!

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