Monday, 10 September 2012


I've heard of them AGGGGES ago but never really got into them. Anyway random YouTube stumble couple of days ago and I found this. The song/video is FREEKING awesome. It always gets me smiling. 

Teen years *sniff*

Oldie but still love this.

The lyrics are so beautiful. 

I know I shouldn't blog when I'm 'down' (nothing bad just 'woe is me' moment) but I got my uni enrolment reminder through the post recently and I'm NOT excited about being back up to Geordie land in 2 weeks or so. I've had almost 3 months off but it's gone incredibly quick. I've got a decent job now (pay wise) and I've settled back home.... and I don't want to go back. Has anyone else got cold feet about uni before? The uni, people, place, course is fine. I just don't think my path is graphic design atm. I know I've had on and off feelings about it for the whole of first year. Maybe it's because I'm thinking about the future too much. I don't really see a career path in my chosen subject in the horizon and graduating seems to be much closer then I want it to be. Argh the future freaks me out. 

Anyway positive things:
  • Current man crush is Josh Klinghoffer - he's super talented and has that awkward but cute thing going on.
  • Listening to Nirvana a lot lately. TEEN FUCKING SPIRIT.
  • Gym is going well. I succumbed to the dreaded first year weight pile on and I'm back to my 'original' pre uni size - which is still overweight btw LOL. I'm keeping this lifestyle up (bye vodka binges) because it's TOO damn hard to shift the pounds.
  • Still perving on the fit personal trainer at the gym. He's not the usual tanned steroid pumped type btw. Ew.
  • Self imposed shopping ban is going well. The key is not to venture into town and don't get enticed by online discount codes/free shipping. YOU CAN DO IT.

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