Saturday, 9 October 2010


No play...
With Extended Play! Gah, it wouldn't be right if I didn't mess up the lips right?! Sorry for all the posey-ness too.
I went to a single launch for Black Moth last night. It was so so so good. The lead singer was in my 'form' (yesterday was the last day for group 3!!! We all split into specialist areas now!). I had no idea of her musical talents until a few weeks ago!!
Post cards!!! MALEFICENT ROCKS (she's my favourite out of all the villains)! The Viva Glam one is cool too as the images pop out - I am easily impressed haha.
My 'swag' YES that was reference to the X-Factor. NO I don't watch it, unless its a Sunday-I-woke-up-really-late-and-there's- the-repeat-of-the-show-and-I'll-waste-an-hour-watching-it-when-half-the-show-is-adverts- and-no-talk-talk-I'm-not-joining-you.

From L-R
Nail Lacquer in Mean & Green
Lipglass in Revenge is Sweet
Nail Lacquer in Bad Fairy
Just realised I've only bought things from Maleficent, heh.

Hey guys! I was planning to record this 'swag' using my SLR camera but I couldn't find any decent lighting round the house :( So blog postage it is.

First of all I'm usually one of them geeky-sad types that go out on the first day of any significant  M.A.C collection launch. And Venomous Villains was one of those collections that I didn't really want anything but I knew if I didn't check it out, THINGS WILL SELL OUT. So by Thursday night after browsing the 'net of everyone raving, I knew I had to go the next day. ASAP.

So I ended up going to M.A.C with A.J at lunch time and I pre warned him L.F will oodle and ahhh for a long time before she ends up picking out one thing. He was cool with it, in fact he loved it there! He was trying out all the polishes and joking around with the staff (wish I had his pizazz). He even convinced this random customer to buy a nail polish when he went "they look like this on the nails blah blah" so much so the customer bought it and the MUA there said he should work there!!! I was like go you A.J, he's such a charmer.

Anyway I'm not much of a Disney fan, sure I love the the films etc. But I'm not 'hardcore' or anything to feel compelled to collect everything. One thing I always had my eye on was the lipglass (see above) and the nail polishes. I preferred Mean & Green, A.J liked Bad Fairy. Dilemma. Do I?! Anyway as I was about to pay the lovely (not pushy at all) MUA there was like well we only have one Bad Fairy left, are you sure? Yep. I succumbed to the pressure. Also I can't believe their already selling out after one day after the launch!!! Sorry people who wanted it at Leeds Harvey Nic's, I got the last one!!!!!

Lastly, I haven't collected any postcards in AGES.  They never seem to have them at my store (or so  they say). But I KNEW they had to for this major collection and they did but Maleficent was the only character they had left - lucky me I love her. I also spotted the Viva Glam one but she said you could only get it if you bought something from Viva Glam. I think she saw 'sad' face because she sneaked me in one - oh yeah!!! LOL at me rambling about a piece of card. Obsessions ey!

If you pick up anything feel free to share, if you want anything go ASAP though!!! Things are selling fast. I will  do swatches when I use them.

 P.S I liked Toxic Tale lipstick but I found it a bit too 'summery', Dark Deed lipstick is perfect for fall but I just hated the formula and Bite of an Apple blush is really nice but I hate the packaging!! What's with the raised lid-bit? Or have blushes been like this for awhile?