Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Literally just painted so excuse the sloppiness! Its M.A.C's Mean and Green, 3 layers and looks better with a dark base underneath!

Hey guys, today will be a rambles blog post as I feel like, erm, rambling. 
My mum has been bugging me forever about entering the M.U.S.E/Illamasqua/Mizz Worthy contest (Google if unsure what I'm about) but the thing is I hate forcing myself to do something creative. Its always the mess-about-no-intention make-up that turns out semi decent then the must-do-something-that-will-win-a-prize PLUS make-up after college... NO. NO. 
Anyway today is technically the last day I have time for it and lo and behold I created a atrocity. Forget the special guest they wanted I created an unwanted guest (couldn't think of a better pun... as you can tell). And really trust me. It was horrible. Don't think my mum will be pleased I've not entered but you can't force creativity- or that's what I'm telling myself. Lets hope they'll be another contest in the near future!!!!
Also today I had my crit' at college where I had to choose the specialist area I wanted to pursue.I know a couple of weeks ago it was textiles-fashion vs g.i.d (graphics, illustration and digital media), but it slowly turned into g.i.d vs fine art. DECISIONS. I really really really hate making 'life changing' decisions as this is the only time I am ridiculously indecisive. I'm decisive with creative decisions just not 'life' ones. WAH. To add to this I'm not incredibly good at explaining myself. Its all in my head but my mouth just splutters:
"I don't know."
Useless. And I had to 'defend' my decisions with two tutors!!!! A bit of a nightmare situation as I spluttered them exact words and in short the discussion revolved around the fact I couldn't decide. I liked both. 
Anyway the end result is: I chose G.I.D. We have a 3 week 'trial' period in which you can move if it really doesn't suit you. But I think G.I.D is ultimately my real gut instinct. I'm hoping to explore fashion illustration but I'm open to anything- yes I know, people who did art with me at a-level will the flabbergasted with the fact I'm moving beyond biro portraits. Its true, I've moved on. Bring on the different practices... except painting.. I HATE PAINTING!!!
Lastly, I'm off to Newcastle tomorrow with A.J. It will be a art related two day trip and I'm really excited! Not sure what the art scene is like there but I will take lots of photos I can assure you. Also the art college photos will be uploaded soon. In fact I'm going to do it now! 

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