Sunday, 17 October 2010


The only semi-decent shot taken during the trip. This shot reminds me of London. 
Think I forgot to mention this but we had a reading week at college which was a week to go places/catch up on work. So me and A.J decided on a trip to Newcastle (Manchester was our initial plan).
View from BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, floor 4?
Cool shot! Ruined by my shakiness :(
Yay! I love finding things that says BIJOUX! Not sure what kind-of place that was but Pussy Galore was next to it..hmm.
The temp' tattoos were from BALTIC. Do I need them? NO. Do I even like graffiti-style art? NO. Why did I buy them?! Because I felt the need to buy something from all the art galleries.. SHHH. I might use them during Halloween. They cost me £3.95 and the art is by Mr Dane. Woop.
The Barry M polish is that cracking one 'every ones' been talking about. I tried it yesterday but I wasn't feeling it. I'll give it another go soon.
Ring is from the Laing Art Gallery. I know its not to every ones taste, but its different! A.J picked this design out too. £9.90, pricey for me!
Highlight for me hahah! During our last few hours in Newcastle, I made A.J go into Fenwicks, which is basically a Selfridges. Anyway passed the M.A.C counter and spotted the postcards. MINE.
Nails for the week (I only paint them once a week as I work Friday and Saturday and they get wrecked!). The cut is from me attempting to cut a carrot in half...useless.
Essie- Mink Muffs
Most gormless face ever. After work so sorry if I look like a state. First time I tried on M.A.C's Revenge Is Sweet lipglass.
 Nice... but I doubt I would of bought it if it didn't have Maleficent on it. Sad. I know.
Video (HD, woo) of me and A.J summarising our trip. Watch if your extremly bored and my voice is horrible!!

Anyway, to sum up everything. I really like Newcastle! The city centre is basically a more spaced out version of Leeds. And I feel its more public friendly with most landmarks/galleries all within a walkable distance (from centre) - 10 mins max? I think i'll be returning again soon.... Whilst my sister still studies there (free lodging!!!).

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